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Domestic Violence  | With us you're in safe hands

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Domestic Violence and Injunctions

We offer confidential advice in relation to domestic abuse. Domestic abuse is not limited to physical violence, and can include verbal abuse, emotional abuse and financial abuse. We can advise you in relation to applying for an injunction to prevent this type of abuse re-occurring.

The Court can make two types of orders in these cases:-

A Non-Molestation Order. If you or your children have been subject to violence or threats of violence, then the court can make a Non-Molestation order which offers protection from pestering, harassment, intimidation and molestation. This can also include preventing the Respondent from making abusive telephone calls or sending abusive messages to you.

An Occupation Order. This allows you to live in the family home, and excludes the other party from that home and/or area.

We can also advise you whether you would be entitled to receive public funding to pursue such an application.

These types of cases often require urgent Court applications, and our team will act urgently on your behalf to apply to the Court for a same day hearing where appropriate.

Contact us to obtain advice in relation to your personal circumstances. 


With us you're in safe hands

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