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Adoption  | With us you're in safe hands

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We offer expert legal advice in relation to Adoption. Adoption involves the severance of all legal ties with the child’s birth parents and family, and the transfer of all parental responsibility to the adoptive parents. This takes places by way of an Adoption Order issued by the Court. Once this type of order has been made, it cannot be reversed, except in extremely rare circumstances.

This is a particularly sensitive area of law where the Local Authority are proposing that the child or children should be adopted.  We have knowledgeable solicitors available to advise you on this in a sensitive way.

In some cases, a family member or friend may be caring for a child where that child is not able to live with their biological parents. Adoption is not usually appropriate in these circumstances, and it is likely that an alternative order called a Special Guardianship Order will be recommended. This provides the Special Guardians with a higher level of parental responsibility than the biological parents have and enables them to make the decisions in a child’s life.

Our team is experienced in advising clients regarding Special Guardianship Orders, and we will work to ensure that those caring for children receive the appropriate support and advice from Children’s Services.

Contact our expert family team for advice on this complex area of law.


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